Tip Tuesday: 11 Tips for a Healthy + Budget Friendly Grocery Trip

Unfortunately, processed foods are generally less expensive than fresh produce, but these 11 tips will help you stick to your healthy diet without breaking the bank!


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1. Eat Seasonally Fruits and vegetables are more expensive when out of season.

2. Grow Your Own at Home Whether in your backyard or with container gardening, growing your own food and herbs will ensure your food is clean and affordable.

3. Grow Your Own Outside the Home If you’re working with limited space join a community garden. It’s a great way to get into gardening and meet new people.

4. Drink More Water Often we mistake dehydration for hunger. Drink more water and you’ll curb your appetite as well as cut down on the cost of afternoon snacks!

5. Choose Produce Over Packaging Not only are per-packaged foods often full of unhealthy additives, but you are also paying for the packaging. Cut out the additional costs, packaging waste and unhealthy extras by grabbing your next snack in the produce aisle.

6. Make a Meal Plan Meal planning makes it easier to stick to a healthy eating regimen and stay in budget.

7. Write a Shopping List Having a list makes grocery trips more productive and focused, leaving less room for spontaneous purchases!

8. Shop the Sales Checking out the flyers and websites of local grocers for weekly sales prior to your shopping trip can save you plenty of pennies.

9. Cook Big Even if you’re just one person, cooking meals in big batches will give you leftovers to freeze and reheat when needed. Preparing meals in this way will ease the stress of cooking when your schedule gets hectic; making it easier to avoid fast food options while staying in budget and healthy!

10. Get Your Soup Pot Out Soup is cheap, healthy and versatile. You’ll want to use cheaper cuts of meat for soup and using vegetable scraps to make the stock will help you cut costs while still staying healthy. It does require a little extra time to make, but is an easy meal to freeze and reheat.

11. Buy Locally Buying locally at a farmers market may not yield fewer dollar signs, but the food will be of higher quality and typically lasts longer than store bought produce.

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