The Golden Globes are the kick-off to Awards Season, or as Jay-Z says, "This is truffle season, Tom Ford tuxedos for no reason." For those of us outside of Hollywood, Awards Season is a time to play fashion commentator from our couch and turn questionable celebrity fashion choices into Internet meme gold - for example, how JLaw's interesting Dior gown has now earned its own hashtag: #lawrencing. Awards Season also turns us into expert speech writers. How many awkward acceptance speeches can we endure? coughJacqueline Bissetcough. But in case you find yourself clad in a designer ball gown and in front of the flashbulbs, we've got the perfect playlist to play soundtrack to your red carpet moment. We may not be donning designer gowns in front of the flashbulbs, but we all have our own red carpet moments. So in honor of those red carpet moments, we've put together a playlist for you to smize to. Press play and strike a pose!

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